Rayon is a semi-synthetic fibre made from wood pulp or cellulose fibre. It was originally invented as a substitute for silk.

Rayon has some amazing qualities as a fabric : soft, lustrous, cool, and comfortable, it is perfectly suited to tropical climates. As it doesn't trap body heat, it is great for high-humidity environments.

Here are some tips to lengthen the life of your rayon garment:

  1. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. This may cause shrinking and/or bleeding of the material (although our products are pre-washed to minimise any further shrinkage)
  2. Rayon should be hand-washed in cold water with mild detergent, rinsed, and hung to dry.
  3. Avoid harsh wringing or twisting of the fabric when squeezing the water out prior to hanging.
  4. Iron on low heat to remove wrinkles. Iron the inside of the garment, as the surface that comes into contact with the iron may develop a slight sheen. Do not use steam when ironing.
  5. Alternatively, Rayon can be dry-cleaned.