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Flying Flipper Girls Diamond Back One Piece

Flying Flipper

This print is inspired by the first dolphin to ever jump out of the water and fly. For centuries, dolphins believed the universe stopped at the ocean surface until a great philosopher hypothesised that there was something else above. Despite the objections of the traditionalists among them, Flying Flipper swam up from the depths and leapt into the air, changing a dolphin’s view of their world ever, and allowing humans to catch them and use them for entertainment in water parks.

This print is a placement so the pattern will appear exactly as you see it in the photos, except of course larger or smaller sizes will have more or less of the print on display. It also has a lot of light colours. Light dyes are more transparent than darker dyes, like black or navy, so if you’re conscious about wearing light colours, we advise to look for a darker base print.

Best of all this print has been produced via the latest direct digital printing technology, which means it is better for the environment as there is minimal wastage and water consumption in the printing process.

Girls Diamond Back One Piece - FS11G

With fabric panels across the back I’ll make you feel secure and supported throughout your session. My single bind shoulder straps provide you with freedom of movement and comfort while swimming. I’ll provide you with a modest rear coverage to keep you covered while swimming along. I’ve got additional front lining and superior construction to be your perfect training companion for years to come. I’m made with all the care and love in production that makes me proud to be Funkita. Made from our exclusive C-Infinity fabric, a 100% Italian polyester that is a colourful breakthrough in chlorine resistant fabric technology! The superior choice for swimmers, C-Infinity has exceptional strength and can retain its durability far beyond other elastane swimwear fabrics. Ideal for frequent pool use for recreational and performance-based swimming.